About Us

About Us

JJ Investigations is a certified private investigations company that specialises in corporate, legal & insurance and personal investigations. As a South African private investigations firm with many years experience, we have conducted many of the investigations across South Africa, including Johannesburg and Cape Town dealing in corporate, insurance, legal and private sector clients.

Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, or a private individual, we offer a broad range of investigative services that can empower you to deal with your situation efficiently and effectively. JJ Investigations will always handle your case professionally, ethically and tenaciously.

All our private investigators are experienced and licensed. We understand our client’s need for privacy, and every discussion you have with our investigator is held in strict confidence.

We specialize in surveillance, background investigations, due diligence, and defense investigations on high dollar indemnity insurance claims.

As experienced private investigators, we are committed to providing a high standard of excellence to each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small their investigation. 

In over the years as a South African private investigator John Morrison has developed many unique sources and established valuable contacts. The company subscribes to over a dozen commercial databases to better serve our client’s investigation needs.

John Morrisons extensive skills as a licensed private investigator, mobile surveillance expert, public records analyst, and computer forensics expert, make him especially well suited to meet the demanding needs of a modern clientele. John deals with all his clients in a professional and compassionate, yet straight-forward manner. John Morrison is directly involved in every single investigation handled by his firm. 

This site should answer many of your questions about our company and our investigative services. Thank you for your consideration, and please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. If you need an honest competent South African private investigator call us to discuss your specific needs. All consultations are free and completely confidential.