Corporate Investigations

Private Investigators

Corporate Investigations

JJ Investigations are certified investigators based in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing a broad range of investigative services to corporate, government and legal clients. We are as comfortable handling complex fraud investigations, as we are conducting routine background investigations. We have the tools and the tenacity, to dig deep and identify and both internal and external threats. This allows your company to successfully manage all risks arising from physical or legal causes, and to confidently take advantage of growth opportunities as they arise.

Some of the services we provide to corporate clients include:

    • Corporate Litigation Support
    • Risk Management
    • Workplace Theft
    • Internal & External Theft
    • Fraud & White Collar Crime
    • Due Diligence
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Workplace Violence
    • Handwriting Analysis
    • Computer Forensics
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Defense of Personal Injury, Product Liability, Premises Liability
    • Covert Video Surveillance
    • Asset Searches
    • Background Checks & Employee Vetting
    • Personal Injury Defense
    • Database & Media Searches
    • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Protection of Trade Secrets
    • Electronic Countermeasures
    • Anti-Piracy
    • Copyright Infringement
    • GPS Vehicle Tracking
    • Experienced South African Corporate Investigators

Fraud & Embezzlement:

The FBI estimates that white collar crime costs the United States 300 billion dollars a year. We investigate and expose conflicts of interest, kick-backs, financial irregularities, and accounting abuses. JJ investigations subscribes to over a dozen commercial record databases to better serve our corporate client’s investigation needs. Whether, implementing a proactive security plan or investigating a loss, we can meet all your corporate security needs.

Due Diligence:

We assist you in the research and analysis of an entity or individual in preparation for a business transaction. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to the transaction or partnership. Due diligence is essentially a way of preventing unnecessary harm to your company when involved in a transaction. By looking at the other party’s past performance you are better able to predict future performance and risk.

Covert Video Surveillance:

With over 25 years of experience conducting covert surveillance; we are trained and equipped to handle the most complex surveillance operations. We are experts at long range surveillance; utilizing digital and optical photo and video equipment, night vision, GPS vehicle tracking and wireless recording equipment to obtain valuable evidence. We stay current on laws, and conduct all investigations lawfully. All investigators are fully licensed and insured and all evidence obtained can be presented in court.

Asset Searches:

When engaged in mergers and acquisitions, it is imperative to conduct diligent asset searches. The process serves to identify assets, liabilities, and risks. This allows your management team to better predict future risk and potential. When litigating, getting a large judgment may be little more than a symbolic victory, if there are no assets to collect.

We assist attorneys and their corporate clients, pre and post judgment, in determining if their opposition has assets to collect upon, if they are already encumbered, or where they are trying to hide them. Before engaging in costly litigation make sure the defendant has assets to recover.  Do not take shortcuts that put you or your client in legal jeopardy. There are legal methods of identifying assets.

Background Checks & Employee Vetting:

When vetting employees it is important to know who you are dealing with. A background investigation may include a search of criminal, civil, and bankruptcy records. We are experts at identifying the jurisdictions and the records that need to be searched, and bringing all the data into a concise report. This enables employers to hire the right candidate for the right position.

Personal Injury Defense:

When preparing for litigation; it is critical that you conduct in depth background investigations of all parties. A comprehensive background investigation may reveal a criminal history, shady business dealings, a bankruptcy, or a history of exaggerated or bogus lawsuits, filed for financial gain. The civil background check may also expose prior lawsuits revealing undisclosed pre-existing injuries. When you need the truth we can find it. When you need an experienced South African corporate investigator JJ Investigations can meet all of your investigative needs.

Retail motor industry services:

  • Disciplinary hearings.
  • Forensic audits.
  • Due diligence reports.
  • Internal fraud investigations.
  • Load & fuel monitoring.
  • Vehicle recovery.
  • Warehouse stock shrinkage.
  • Staff screening / criminal reports / etc.